Customizing Event RFP’s

Upon learning about your event and housing goals we enter your event lodging requirements into a digital proposal form with all the relative information the hotels should know and our application generates a customized request for proposal (RFP) for all hotels.



Book Your Block offers hotel inventory from its network of over 600,000+ hotels worldwide. Based upon your event location, our mapping technology searches for nearby hotels to provide your event attendees with multiple properties and budget options.


CommunicatinG with Hotels

We digitally send the RFP via our lodging management software, enabling us to see the status of each hotel RFP making follow up and negotiation simpler. For hotels that have not responded, we send automated reminder emails to encourage a response to the RFP.



Hotel Bids

Hotel bids are received and stored digitally for easy recall, review, and comparison. We do not waste time searching through emails to reference RFP responses. We select the hotel properties that meet your event objectives. Accepting or rejecting a hotel’s bid is as simple as clicking a button. A professional and efficient hotel sourcing workflow ensures properties will work with you in future years.


Contracting Blocks of Rooms

Contracts are executed digitally and contain the information contained in the RFP. Book Your Block and the hotel store electronic copies of the legal document. Once contracts are signed, Book Your Block manages all hotel room inventory in real time and provides the hotels with access to our booking system so they can receive and monitor reservations.


Reconciling Room PickUps

Through the Book Your Block booking application reconciling room pickups and calculating compensation is automated and easy. Hotels update actual stays and revenue, and the software allows for easy, transparent communication on no-shows and cancellations. Revenue and commission are calculated automatically based on information you and the hotel have both confirmed.


Expedited Invoices

Once all stays are confirmed, our software generates an automated invoice extracting rebate totals for each hotel. Because everything on each invoice has been reviewed by the hotel during the reconciliation process, rebate commission payments are approved quicker and received earlier.


Dynamic Post Event Reporting

Book Your Block provides a complete hotel management system for the entire event lifecycle capturing all data in a single application thus allowing for streamlined post event reporting. Reports can be downloaded at your convenience. Nothing gets lost, and everything can be analyzed quickly.